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Our Vision

To be the King of Garbage and customer service

Our Mission

To build respectful relationships.

Garbage King was started in January 2022 with a group of business and Garbage experts around a board room table, after weeks and long hours of meetings Garbage King was born and Calgary and area opened its arms to a much needed independent as most of the Garbage industry has become large companies and the difference is we offer a very personable service, same day or next day service and you will always call a local number and speak to someone right away.

The owner of Garbage King Inc Heather Saunders has over 31 years of business experience in the Residential Construction and Design Industry along with 15 years in the Garbage industry.

Heather has been a business owner of multiple businesses which she still owns and operates and has certainly learned a lot of valuable assets in that time one of which is the importance of people both with customers and the people within the business who make a business successful which is your most valuable asset and that is the staff, she says they are not staff we are a team which makes us a family.

Heather started Garbage king with 1 roll off truck, 1 amazing driver and 40 roll off bins. We have expanded to 4 roll off trucks, 3 porta potty trucks, 225 porta potties and over 100 bins in the first year of business.

Since the beginning of 2023 she has expanded the business once again offering cement bins and hazardous material bins, Fencing, septic service for acreages, hook lift bins, and fencing, boat servicing along with RV servicing, and the newest addition is bin cleaning she did this by building relationships with like minded industry business people and recognizing that people want to make one phone call to get all they need.

We listened to our customers as to what they needed and we grew thanks to our customers and team. We developed relationships with people to see how we could help each other and grow our business which she has more than double in the last 2 years by adding needed services, equipment and building relationships and our Garbage king Family.

The most important aspect for Heather is customer service to achieve this in the Garbage Industry this would mean same day or next day service which we have been successful at right from day one, with our fleet being substantial and having reliable drivers we never have to say we  cant help you out as we always can. The other thing Heather also knows from her own experience and listening to customers over the years is she has NO CONTRACTS, why? She doesn’t need one as her service is so exceptional.

Heather has vetted some if the best talent in the driving industry one being her operations manager Mike, Mike came to her with over 30 years of driving experience and accident free.  There is very little decisions Heather will make when it comes to a job or our team of drivers without consulting Mike, he has talent which is hard to describe and is impossible to teach a new driver as most of his knowledge is experience and coupled with his common sense is irreplaceable. Mike drives roll off truck for Garbage King and once our customers have had the opportunity to work with him they always request him.

Heather considers herself lucky to have hired yet a second amazing driver being her main porta potty driver James.  We all know it can be a task to find the right team and she lucked out with these two guys which were hired in the first year of business.  James also comes with over 30 years experience and he does such an amazing job for Garbage King.  He is very particular and when he completes a service they are like new and we all know this isn’t the most glorious job and we get compliments all the time as some of the businesses we do work for have said they appreciate the cleanliness of our units also known as “THRONES”

She does have an amazing team and has added to her family in 2023 by adding an office manager Cynthia, an additional roll off truck driver Shawn and a porta potty driver Macleod. All these people combined make Garbage King run smoothly daily.

Heather has never purchased a truck without consulting her operations driver Mike who worked closely with her to purchase the best trucks to make our teams jobs easier, more efficient and safe.

A little bit about Heather personally, she is married with 5 adult children and 3 grandchildren, in which three of the five adult children work within two of her businesses allowing her to groom them to understand the importance of business, people and the importance of customer service.

Heather learnt her business skills from her parents as they have owned their own businesses for most of their lives.  Her father Cal Wenzel is a builder and Developer in Calgary and area for 45 years and her mother Edit Wenzel has owned her own oil and Gas Consulting and market research companies for over 55 years. Growing up in a business family Heather comes by business naturally having two successful mentors in her life.

Heather has a great group of people on her team that have made owning and running Garbage King very easy and fun.

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